Work Out Wednesday (337:365)

Cam and I hanging out on Workout Wednesday!

Cam and I hanging out on Workout Wednesday!

As leaders we have to take a look in the mirror…. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute… Does your staff want to come to work? I am sure everyone has varying answers on this, but we can play a HUGE role in creating a climate that values our staff. In working with my PLN, I asked for ideas that I could implement (I am on a budget of course) to make teachers look forward to coming to work. My PLN came through in a big way.


Someone suggested that we allow the teachers (and students of course) to wear workout gear on Wednesdays. The idea resonated with me because we are a Silver Medal Healthy School. It would serve many purposes. I immediately discussed it with our Healthy School PLC and they loved the idea. We went with it. The program is completely voluntary and there is no “workout” required because by simply wearing the gear we are sending a message to the students that we VALUE exercise! So far the feedback has been amazing.

Here are a few of the comments that I have heard:

  • I look forward to Wednesdays and I NEVER looked forward to Wednesdays before
  • I can model healthy lifestyles for my kids
  • On one hand I feel more relaxed, and on the other hand I feel more energized
  • The kids love it and it is easier to integrate fitness breaks while not wearing high heels

This is the second week of the program! We already have 3rd and 4th grade students “competing” against each other for a few minutes in the hallway after announcements. This week they played a game that required strategy and fitness!


The sky is the limit with Workout Wednesdays! Any school can do it and it doesn’t cost a thing!


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