Summer Learning Ideas? Here are 10 for educators (138:365)



As I plan for the summer, I always try to provide the staff with some resources… As educators, I feel that the summer is not only a great time to recharge the batteries, but also a time to learn. So what do you have planned for yourself? your staff? your students this summer?

Here are 10 ideas for this summer

1. Learn how to use Augmented Reality

2. Take the Digital Leadership Challenge

3. Read Digital Leadership by Eric Sheninger

4. Connect with an educator on Skype (or GHO) and write about the experience

5. Redesign your learning space

6. Take pictures of your vacation and make a travel blog for students

7. Subscribe to an educational podcast

8. Attend an edcamp or some other free professional development opportunity 

9. Participate in a few twitter chats 

10. Find a great children’s book to “deliver” to your students in the fall


Provide me with some ideas… I would love to add them to my resources page for the summer of 2014!

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