Helpful Hints for Becoming Connected (240:365)

Pre-order available now

Pre-order available now

In a few short weeks, Corwin Connected Educators Series will be publishing Connected Leadership: It’s a Click Away. This book is designed for the connected leader, and the soon-to-be connected leader.

The most important features in the book is that it is laid out in a practical manner, and each chapter has a story from a connected educator that exemplifies the purpose of the chapter and book.

If you have been hesitant to become connected, or you know someone who just doesn’t “get it” then this book will be perfect.


In addition to this book, Corwin Connected Educators Series has a “bundle” available of the first 8 books.

In this book, readers will learn a few helpful hints that can help with the connected journey:

  • What is a PLN?
  • How blogging can help tell your school’s story
  • How blogging can you become a reflective leader
  • What current research says about being connected
  • How this process can transform you as a leader

Here is what Eric Sheninger, author of Digital Leadership, had to say about the book:

How relevant are you as a school leader? This is the essential question that Dr. Cook succinctly addresses in this handbook that is positioned to be an essential reading for any 21st Century leader. His work details the power of connectivity to break down silos of information and get school leaders off isolated islands to improve professional practice and transform schools. By weaving stories of how practitioners have benefited from connecting through social media, Dr. Cook presents the necessary ingredients for change that can be implemented immediately.”

Pre-orders are available now

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