Year in Review (349:365)



As I get closer to my goal of blogging for 365 days in a row, I figured I would go back and look at the posts. Obvioulsy, some of the posts resonated with people more than others. Today, I want to highlight the top 5 posts of the year (so far).

There were a few ties, so I made sure to include each 🙂


5. A Principal Legacy ; Did you have an awesome day? Blake wants to know -(tie) In a Principal Legacy, I wrote about my friend and mentor, Eric Sheninger. The post takes a look at the impact Eric has had on New Jersey Principals. In the Awesome Day post, I discussed how a second grader in Florida was using his inquiry learning to collect data and connect with the world!

4. 80/20 Staff Meetings and Are You a True Leader? (tie) – In the 80/20 I was planning out the staff meetings for the year and wanted to give back 20% of the time to the teachers so they could work on their Genius Hour. In Are You a True Leader, I found an infographic that provides 3 reflections for leaders!

3. Go Ahead, Throw That Snowball; The End of my Test Pep Rally; Are You Struggling with Permission? (tie) – A three way tie for 3rd place! In the Snowball post, I wrote about how we allowed kids to throw snowballs as part of a positive reward. In the Test Pep Rally post, I revealed how I couldn’t justify creating a Pep Rally over a State Assessment. In the Permission post, I wrote about the struggles that educators are having with leadership that holds back innovation and risk taking.

2. Walking to School with Jacqueline Edelberg – This was a geek out post! I read the book Walking to School, and loved it. I took a chance and tweeted to the author, and she agreed to Skype with me. Jacqueline was honest, and open about how we need parents and schools to be on the same page.

1. The Code – I was a little surprised that this was the number one post of the year, but I guess it struck a chord with my PLN. The post is not very long, and honestly I don’t think it is to profound. What it does, though, is highlight how organizations have codes similar to the codes on the streets…. Snitches Get Stitches.


I have a few more ideas for the Year in Review. Stay tuned!



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